FAKRO® flat roof windows

Modern materials and changing technology in the construction industry allow to erect buildings with flat roofs.  It often happens in this type of architecture that there are rooms inside the building where it is not possible to install standard roof windows.  Each room should offer a source of natural light to make the user feel comfortable. Ideal solution in such cases is installation of specially designed products for flat roofs.

FAKRO's flat roof windows are designed and manufactured from high quality materials, using innovative solutions and with great attention to aesthetics.  Excellent insulation parameters, ample natural light, possibility of ventilation, ease of operation and wide range of accessories make them ensure high comfort of using rooms under the flat roof.

FAKRO offers the most extensive range of products in the market, with the highest quality:

  • Beautiful design: the minimalist and perfectly designed DEF flat roof window has been awarded with prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2016.
  • Energy-efficiency.
  • The best acoustical values.
  • High security.
  • Ample natural light.
  • Even in non-standard sizes.
  • Large range of internal and external accessories.
  • Functionality: they can be fix or with manual or electrical control.
FAKRO flat roof windows



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