Service is at the centre of our daily preoccupations.  Throughout the years, the selective and reciprocal choice of our partners enabled us to build an homogeneous range of complementary products.

The manufacturers we work with fully trust us and we know exactly which possibilities they have.  Thus, we can inform and advise our customers precisely and in all objectivity, taking their needs into account.

Thanks to a long and fruitful collaboration, we provide our customers with competent and educated staff, ensure a continuous promotion of our products with prescribers and send out sales representatives who are supported by an effective internal service.  Our administrative and financial departments are highly computerized, guaranteeing an efficient follow up.

Furthermore, Albintra has a rigorous stock management system which enables the people working in our warehouse to put in place all the necessary logistics for a good handling of the orders.

With over 8,000 m² of stock and production halls and a well-oiled logistical machine, Albintra guarantees at least one delivery per week in each region.  A sound partnership with the selected manufacturers , usually based on exclusivity, enables us to give our customers a correct price for all brand products.

Finally, we also have an after-sales service.

That is the meaning of service at Albintra.