New FAKRO PRO program!

General news

At the beginning of February, Albintra launched their brand new FAKRO PRO program for roofers and dealers through 3 big events.  These were held in the new showroom and attended by nearly 140 people, all professionals interested in FAKRO and its products. 

“For 2019, we decided to change the strategy and invest all our budget in professionals”, said Laurence De Bièvre, Marketing & Communications Manager at Albintra.  “That’s why we created FAKRO PRO.  It’s a simple but complete program which supports roofers and dealers on 5 key levels: sales, stock, marketing, service and knowledge.  Since, let’s face it, we’re all in this together, we based it on the idea that if we help one another as business partners, we will all grow our turnover in FAKRO products.  And this philosophy as well as the program were welcomed enthusiastically by the attendees.  We now look forward to keep on extending it through our promotional website and other initiatives.”

During the 2 dealer events and roofers event, customers could get to know the new strategy and discover the showroom whilst having a drink and a bite.  Curious to see our showroom?  Check our virtual visit of it.