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Hereunder you can find a list of the products we sell in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.  For more information, please contact us.

Transparent elements in plastic Insulation Constructive elements
Rubalux domes and smoke and heat extraction systems
Styrodur C XPS insulation for cavity walls
Rubalux polyester sheets and rolls
Styro GX-CN
Iso-Drain dimpled sheets
ONDEX HR corrugated PVC sheets
Marmox THERMOBLOCK patented construction elements that stop thermal bridges
Albiplast windows
ONDEX Sollux corrugated PVC sheets
MARMOX Board XPS tiles
Wolfa steel basement windows
ONDEX Bio 2 corrugated PVC sheets (for greenhouses)
Wolfa windows with frame
ONDEX HR bent skylights in PVC Heraklith wood wool panels FAKRO skylights
ONDEX HR PVC hoods for conveyor belts Heradesign acoustic wood wool panels FAKRO loft ladders
THERMONDA insulating corrugated multiwall sheets in PC Knauf glass and stone wool Youngman aluminium loft ladders
MAKROLON multiwall multi UV PC sheets Eurothane insulation for buildings and roofs Biplex / Biplex + under-roofing
MAKROLON multi UV accessories Foamglas celular glass insulation Sisalkraft building papers
MAKROLON auxiliary profiles Perinsul celular glass insulation Onduline cellulose-bitumen corrugated sheets
Profile systems for pergola's
Amorim Cork
Onduline cellulose-bitumen corrugated sheets
Accessories for translucent and transparent elements
Contactfoam - Parquetfoam - Joint strips
Onduvilla bitumen roof- cladding files
Ascofix adhesive Solidor adjustable screwjacks
  Roofbond 3584 polyretane adhesive PE film (for building purposes)
  PCI Pecimor DK  water repellant adhesive (BASF) PE tarpaulins 150 g/m²